Let me start by saying right off - if you can't stick to this method, then you'll probably never lose weight without a stomach tuck/fold/staple or the use of dangerous diet pills. (Please don't use the latter).

1. A weight scale
2. Graph paper

You want graph paper that has very small squares - at least smaller then 1/4 inch, vertically and horizontally. You can also trim the graph paper and glue several to a poster board to make a larger display, if you wish.

Each vertical line on the graph represents 1 day, and each horizontal line represents 1 pound. (Please believe me, this is all very simple stuff. It's just the explaining that's long-winded).

A quick word about weighing. You will weigh yourself first thing every morning, nude, and AFTER you've visited the potty. You will then log it to the graph. That first day will set your beginning weight. You will write this on the graph, near the top, then write descending weights down the left side of the graph for reference, remembering that each horizontal line represents 1 pound. See our example below. Write these down the right side of your graph also.

The next task is to decide how fast you want to lose weight. YOU get to decide. (I told you this diet was easy)! In my sample graph below I went with 1 pound a week. (Hey! After one year that's 52 pounds)! However, you may select more or less. But do keep it easy!

On the graph below we have 75 usable vertical lines (days). This translates into less then 11 weeks of dieting across the page.The dieter elected to lose one pound a week, so drew a slanting line from 200 to 190. This is her required weight line. If she posts a dot above the line, then she is getting behind. Below the line, or right on it, and she is doing great. It's that simple.

The method works for a number of reasons I'll post here, but first the mechanics. If a posted dot is above the line, you immediately go into your diet phase. You may borrow a list of diet foods from wherever you wish, but I suggest 'rabbit food.' This is green vegetables, carrots, and salads (even a chef salad if you're dying for a little meat). You cut out carbohydrates, fats and sugars. Now here is the number one reason why this diet is so easy. You only need to stay on the rabbit food until a daily weight post falls on or below the line! When this happens you are free to pig out and eat whatever you wish! Generally, 1-4 days of rabbit food will get you back below the line when you slip above it.

However, a time will come, when you have just slipped below the line when you tell yourself, "Damn! I don't like that stinking rabbit food!" So, although you are below the line and can pig out on whatever, you will start deciding to eat a fish sandwich instead of that greasey cheeseburger. Below the line is fun - above the line is not.

Also, a pat on the back works wonders. If you hang your poster board, even your single sheet of graph paper, whatever you elect to use, on a work place wall, or somewhere obvious in your home where all can see it, you will feel additional pressure to stay below the line as they congratulate you on your progress. This public display is essential for just this reason. Be sure to do it.

Hint: If a time comes when you are stubbornly staying above the line, or just not dropping below as fast as you like, you will find that doing just a little exercise (optional) will speed things up. In fact, weight loss while on rabbit food can be accelerated many times by exercise. Consider exercise as your atomic bomb in reserve with this war to get below the line.

Eventually, the hope is, you'll modify your eating habits as you strive to stay below the line, and you begin spending more time below then above.

In our example below our dieter did not reach the desired 190 lbs, but was at 191 lbs when she reached the right side. (Not all her plots are shown). So, her starting weight for the next go (the blue line) will be 191 lbs. But she thought she could do better and elected to loose 11 lbs over the next 75 days. The blue line reflects this, starting at 191 and ending at 180. (These colors are not important and are for explanation only. You may use a single pen).

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a nutritionist or a food expert. Consult your doctor if that concerns you. However, as you are hopping in and out of the diet phase - reverting to your normal foods, or nearly so - it is hard to see how the rabbit food diet will have any deleterious effects over short periods.

Since the above was written I got a chance to discuss the dieting method with a doctor. He got quite enthused about it - so much so, that he asked for the page address. In his words, he thinks the diet method works because it "Removes the anxiety of dieting." He was referring to the fact that the dieter knew he could jump off the diet temporarily just by reaching the line.